COURSES – Arhatic Pranayoga





Pranic Healing is an ancient science that helps the body to activate self recovery, which is the inherent quality of every being on the planet earth.

Prana is fourth state of the matter, which is available in the universe in abundance. Unconsciously, the beings absorb the Prana and utilize the same to maintain the body.
Pranic Healing is a simple science, which is easy to learn and apply. Any person, with common intelligence and willingness to learn, can learn the Basic Pranic Healing Course in two (2) days [8 hours per day]. Thereafter, the person would be able to heal.


(Advanced Healing Techniques)

Advanced Pranic Healing is more complementary to the modern medicine, which works on a specific area for accelerated self recovery, wherein the

energy patterns are adjusted to accelerate self recovery.
In Advanced Pranic Healing, specific techniques are applied to help the person to maintain a holistic approach towards his/her well being.

Powerful specialized healing techniques: You’ll learn Rapid Healing of Wounds, Cellular Regeneration, Cleansing of the Internal Organs, Cleansing of the Blood and other techniques to boost the immune system.


(Pranic Healing Psychotherapy)

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Every thought has some emotional and mental substance in the form of energy. Every being on the earth utilizes the Energy and release the Energy.

Every thought, when repeated, produces certain kind of psychic energy, which is radiated. Constant re-Energy effects the person’s well being.

Majority of the ailments are considered as psychosomatic, consequently, there is a need to change the thought patterns from one to the other. The emotional and mental substance put together are called psychic Energy and the same is thoroughly dealt with in Pranic Healing Psychotherapy.

Pranic Healing considers Energy centers called Chakras, which help the Prana [the Etheric Energy or Plasmic Energy] to circulate through the meridians called Nadis. The Prana helps the body to vibrate with vitality. With the Chakras, the energy patterns, the thought patterns and psychic energy patterns are adjusted to help the complete well being of a person.


Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Every thought has some emotional and mental substance in the form of energy. Every being on the Every person wishes to manifests the greatness within himself/herself.

Understanding of the fact that every person and every being on this earth has a unique purpose is essential.

In order to accomplish the said purpose, adopting of a right path, i.e., the path which helps to manifest the greatness within, is important. That right path is Arhatic Yoga, the synthesis of all the Yogas.
In the process of Arhatic Yoga, one needs to purify, purify and purify at all levels and meditate. The purification techniques are taught in the sessions conducted by us.

After purification, the practice of meditations is taught. The meditations are Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga and Dhyan Yoga, and facilitate manifestation of the divine love, the divine light, the divine power and one’s own true consciousness.


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