“Learn to be in the soul consciousness not in the body consciousness.

Higher degree of consciousness develops stillness in mind.”


  • How to differentiate higher and lower degrees of consciousness?
  • How do u know the difference?
  • If you go deeper there is no difference, only consciousness.

Observe whether the self thinks about the own comfort, living, money spending, is it doing this for the self alone/only or it considering others before the self? When at the dining table for meal do self consume the entire portion alone or serve others, even though it is very hungry. Here if it is the Self oriented or others oriented differentiates the Higher consciousness and Lower consciousness. This observation to be applied in every aspect of the Life.

When u look at a tree the tree bares the fruits. These fruits are based on the consciousness they contains in the seed. For example if u look at mango, the seed contains the consciousness of mango tree depending upon the species.
If u look at neem seed, it will bear the fruits of neem which are bitter.
Chilli seeds develop into plant producing chillies which are hot and spicy.
Like wise each tree has it’s own consciousness based on the seed.

Superficially all the human beings have the consciousness related to their materialistic living for the sake of earning, status, power, position, etc. This level of consciousness let’s say as lower consciousness.
When one start looking inwardly there are many things like loving kindness, compassion, sharing, giving, care, concern about others. This level, it is considered as Human being’s nature, the Higher Consciousness. When we look at mango there are many varieties of mangos like alphonso, kesar, dashera, chausa, safeda and many more with different flavours and taste. When we look at the fruit it is a mango. Similarly there are various levels and degrees of consciousness depending on there presence in the body- physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual. Physical body has consciousness related to physical level, etheric body has the consciousness related to prana, emotional body has consciousness regarding emotions, mental body regarding mind and intelligence, spiritual body regarding spirituality. There are difference in these as well. Happiness and sadness are different and can be identified. Sadness and dullness looks same but are different. When observed it is just the consciousness and one should have Soul consciousness. Practicing loving kindness, generosity, constancy of aim effort and industriousness, objectivity and non superstitious belief, and equanimity helps in developing the consciousness of Soul as they are the qualities of the Soul.
If u go deep there is no difference between the various bodies- physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual; it is only consciousness of the Soul in all the bodies which are made of five elements.