We worship RAMA

in the form of PARABRAHMAM

The famous Tulasi Das had Darshan of Rama as a supreme being by repeating this Rama Mantra. Such is the power of Rama Mantra. It purifies your system at all levels and gives Siddhis and eventually leads to Moksham. Have intense faith and Bhakti towards RAMA.

We worship Lord RAMA as a supreme being residing in Saket loka who is forever young, having strong shoulders, whose arms are long enough to reach his Knees, with pleasant and beautiful eyes standing with bow and arrows to fulfill his duty of restoring dharma by destroying evil.

We welcome you to the wonderful self practice based program where we chant RAMA mantra repeatedly. We hope that you will be part of our wonderful program and get yourself freed from this wheel of births and deaths, certainly have Darshan of Rama and will finally merge yourself in Rama.

The Ultimate


The secret of Ramayana is to unite us with the supreme Divine By suppressing the ten-headed monster - Ravana in you [the ten evil qualities stealing, hatred, lust, anger, miserliness, infatuation, delusion, pride, egoism, Jealousy and ostentation or vanity.
Rama represents Brahman or consciousness, Sita is the Nature. "Sita unites with her husband Rama” means Nature (We) uniting with Para Brahman (supreme) by meditating on Rama mantra. This is the esoteric teaching of the Ramayana. Constant repetition of the two-lettered Mantra RAMA (RA:MA) can help your in physical, mental, Emotional and spiritual transformation.
The two-lettered Rama Mantra is very powerful Mantras. Because it is a combination of Panchakshara and Ashtakshara. RA is taken from OM NAMO NARAYANAYA and MA from OM NAMAH SIVAYA. It is therefore very powerful mantra. RA: MA mantra has power to burn evil in you and fill you with divine energy.
Full Description of


Sri Rama Charana Anuchara Arunodayam is the first project in Rama Brahma Yogam. At this level of practice one need to get enrolled for one week chanting program. The enrolled persons are allowed to visit and stay in ashram for one week to get proper initiation, instructions and guidance from Shri C Kailash sir.

The enrollment can be done by using the below online application form and it’s completely free of cost. Hygienic Food and good accommodation will be provided in the Ashram for participants and their children for free of cost. Everyone who is aged more than 12 years and who can commit themselves to chant the mantra under our guidelines are eligible for attending this event.

After enrollment, during the course of your participation you need to report one day in prior to your chanting program scheduled dates along with your luggage and children. Participants are allowed to wear Indian ethnic wear (dothis for men, sarees for women). The event will be held under the guidance of Shri C Kailash sir and his team. It’s mostly based on self-practice and chanting’s of Rama mantra. You will be taught the importance and benefits of mantra and how to chant it in different ways. Food and Accommodation includes breakfast, tea, lunch, liquids, and dinner along with stay in two BH rooms on sharing basis.

The chanting program will be continuously happen for 1 year. Every week a new batch will come from all over the globe in the place of completed batch. Each batch will be taught how to continue chanting at home with proper instructions and schedule from Shri C Kailash sir. To know more about the program please visit the following links.



Open for All

Completely FREE of cost

Complete 1 year program

Each Batch limit 30 - 60 people

Accomedation in sharing basis

Well connected to different modes

Ashram - perfect place for spiritual practices

Complete food will be provided

and We expect you to please


Report one day in prior notice

Aged more that 12 years

Provide correct phone number

Men - Dothis; Women - Sarees

Outside food and snacks NOT allowed

Respect towards co-participants

Online Registration mantory

Commitment for 7 days