September 27, 2015
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** Strictly and exclusively for Arhatic yoga Practitioners **

Voice and Meditation by Sir C KAILASH



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Sir C Kailash is a spiritual energy healer and trainer. He is a true embodiment of the teachings prescribed in energy healing and Arhatic Yoga. With the sole intention of facilitating spiritual and material growth and advancement of all living beings, His entire life has been dedicated to persistent and forceful research, experimentation in and validation of the teachings of Arhatic yoga and pranic Healing.

Unauthorized sales, copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting of the contents of this compact disc, Including but not limited to sound recording and artwork is strictly prohibited.

Listeners and practitioners unequivocally declare and affirm the voluntary use of this compact disc and the contents thereof, as also of their physical and mental condition to listen to and practice the same; assume absolute and unequivocal responsibility for any injury, harm, damage, loos, etc., In any manner form whatsoever; and duly ad unequivocally waive all rights, claims, interests, etc., of any nature whatsoever, in this regard.

Since the physiological condition(s) may vary from individual to individual, listeners and practitioners are advised to get in touch with the author of this compact disc at the following address in case of any assistance.

Our Address
No 7, Fround Floor, Sri Krupa Plaza, STV Nagar, AIR By pass Road, Tirupati – 517501, AP, India.

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